Mondays for many of us signal many things, most certainly that the weekend coming is like the tall trees seen here, a long way off. But I do not think others should not look at it that way. Look at the week as a way to get as much accomplished as possible, therefore when the weekend has arrived, you may feel exhausted but you will great about what has been done. The weekend will truely feel like a mini vacation, and one that you deserve rightfully so. 

         As a photographer/videographer just starting a project, while there is much excitement, there is this dread that the final wrap up of the project is far off. Instead, focus on what is infront of you, and enjoy the moment. I myself forget this often, and when that is out of coutrol is brought back to reality by my lovely wife. It helps a great deal, because we feel rushed and overwhelmed by many things. But if you take the time to focus on what needs to be done, I can garentee the view from the top of the trees is well worth the climb. 


          As a photographer, I can tell you, you will have your disastrous days and you will have days that make you look like a photography god to your clients.  But it is the bad days we tend to reflect on unfortunaltey. My advice to you is don't, it will only hinder your  talents that have such potential to grow. Instead, learn from them, and practice doing the reverse, so on your next shoot you will be ready. 

          Understanding this will help you soar forward and above your worries such as the Heron in the photograph above, flies above his own reflection. 



          I almost stepped on this little toad while walking around in nature last week. It is funny how many of mother natures creatures are nearly invisble to us, because we do not take the time to use all our senses to locate them, or simply by survival of the fittest. 

          Next time you are in nature, take the time to watch where you stepping, so you do not kill something harmless or injur something dangerous, such as a copperhead, which there seem to be a lot of here in North Carolina. There is a lot to see, so charge up those batteries, grab your camera and go shoot, even if you are not a nature photographer, such as myself you will learn new stuff, and quite possibly enjoy your time out there. 


    Summer is finally here. 

    I hope all of you creatives out there are having a great summer. Here at ALP-LLC (Andrew Levengood Photography LLC) I am exporing nature that is in North Carolina. Sometimes it is great to take your art medium, still photography, video, your paint palette, etc and, get away from it all to enjoy the great outdoors. But when you do, bring a snack and water so you can maximize you time outdoors and just explore! I came across this on one of my first tours of the nature trails in North Carolina. Thought it made for a great first blogging post!